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The Optimize area is minimized at the beginning of the session for better clarity. You can open this area by moving the mouse pointer over the label. To pin the area, i.e. to make it permanently visible, click the BtnStecknadel pin icon in the respective area header.



This area provides the option to adapt the performance curves to duty points entered. Depending on the pump type, different methods can be available for this.


The possible options include:

Adapt speed

Reduce impeller size (of single-stage or multi-stage pumps)

Calculate degree of vane

Conversion factor


Multiple speed curves


Each optimization method comes with three functions:


Adapt to duty point

Calculate curves for the entered values

Reset (active only if an optimization has been performed beforehand)


If the pump allows frequency controllers, multiple speed curves can also be created.



The performance curves are always adapted to the rated duty point. If several duty points have been defined, the configuration area above allows you to determine the point that will serve as the rated duty point and thus be the basis of the optimization.