Current Configuration

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Current Configuration

In the configuration area, you can assemble the product by allocating the required components to the pump.



The area is divided into sections corresponding to the configuration steps.


The header area contains a combo box where you can define the rated duty point. This field is only active if more than one duty point have been specified.


Configurable components are displayed in a further combo box. Here, you can open the lists of available components with the Selection button button. In addition, an icon indicating the status of the currently selected component is shown behind these fields.




Automatic: The component was selected automatically based on the operating data.

Manual: The component was explicitly selected or defined by the user.

Preferences: Entries are marked as a preference if a record is characterized by multiple terms and a parent entry is selected manually. For example, the selection of a specific motor version for the motor leads to the marking as a preference. If, on the other hand, you select a specific motor, e.g. "XY 132L", it is described uniquely by the main categories above it and leads to the marking as "Manual".


In the product selection browser and the hydraulic selection, the delivery time is visible under the current configurations. The calculated delivery time is updated as soon as elements in the configuration are changed.





If certain operating data are specified, for example by means of the hydraulic selection, the components released for the configuration are suitable for use.


In the selection browser, all selectable components are usually available, unless they depend on the selection of other components.


Configuration errors can occur in the selection browser if operating parameters are specified afterwards or generally when changing them, because the application limits of the components prevent them from being allocated properly and in accordance with the application. In these cases, the corresponding pumps are displayed with a red background in the list. The step or component type where the configuration fails is marked in the configuration area.




To enable a valid configuration nevertheless, either select another pump or change the parameters accordingly.