Product selection browser

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Product selection browser

The main step for the selection and configuration of pumps takes place in the pump selection dialog. The dialog can be opened either directly via the product selection browser option in the start window or as a second step of the hydraulic selection.


The upper area of the dialog differs in the range of functions according to the selected procedure.


hmtoggle_plus1Pump list of the hydraulic selection:
hmtoggle_plus1Pump list of the product selection browser:


Vorhandene Spalten

Existing columns: The Existing columns function can be used to influence the display or hiding of columns in the table. If the respective entries are activated, they will be displayed as columns in the pump table.


The lower part of the menu contains four entries that can be used to make general settings for the columns.





These options are not effective for the preferred (without label; BtnPin pin symbol) and Product name columns, since these two columns are generally set as visible.



The choice of columns in this view is determined in the data maintenance program for the individual pumps. Therefore, this view may be different for the different series.


Automatic selection: This option displays the columns that have been defined as default for the currently selected pump series.

Invert selection: Using this option allows you to replace the currently active columns with the inactive ones.

Select all: This option activates all available columns.

Unselect all: This option deselects all available columns (except preferred and Product Name; see hint above).




Running costs: This button opens the dialog for the calculation of life cycle and operating costs. Due to its scope, the corresponding explanation has been moved to a separate chapter.



The operating and life cycle costs can also be edited in a register in the display area below the pump list.




If the mouse pointer is moved over this button, a pop-up window appears containing an overview of the operating data currently in use. Clicking on the button opens a dialog in which you can change this data or enter new data. The input is also possible in the product selection browser.




In its structure and function, the duty point data dialog corresponds to the parameter list in the hydraulic selection.



This dialog can also be opened via the Duty point - Operating data specification menu in the Pump performance curves register in the display area below the pump list.


Below the pump list, you can find the display area, which is divided into different registers, and the configuration area.



The display and configuration areas are described in separate chapters due to their scope.