Running Costs

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Running Costs

The dialog or the register for the running costs enables the view of the cost development in a defined period. Likewise, it shows the economic efficiency based on the energy demand. In order to be able to provide the corresponding data, an operating point must exist as the basis for such calculations.




The program provides both calculation models: Life cycle costs (LCC) and Life cycle costs (VDI 2067), which are shown upon selecting the corresponding tabs. Below this is the pump list. Using the checkbox in the first column of the list, you can select the pumps that are to be compared with each other in the diagrams (described below).


In the main part of the dialog, the graphs of the cost and energy diagrams are displayed for the selected calculation type. The following registers are available for this purpose:


hmtoggle_plus1Cost graph:
hmtoggle_plus1Cost comparison:
hmtoggle_plus1Power input:
hmtoggle_plus1Energy requirements:
hmtoggle_plus1CO2 - emissions: