Available LCC Settings

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Available LCC Settings

In order to provide the most accurate representation possible, users can make adjustments for the profitability analysis in the Available LCC settings area on the right side of the dialog.



If the Available LCC settings area is not visible in the Running costs dialog, it can be made visible and fixed using the BtnStecknadel button on the right edge of the dialog labeled Settings.


The following parameters can be defined for a profitability calculation:


hmtoggle_plus1Available LCC settings:
hmtoggle_plus1Energy price increase:
hmtoggle_plus1Annual operating time:
hmtoggle_plus1Loading profile:
hmtoggle_plus1Night setback:
hmtoggle_plus1Correct operating hours in case of flow difference:
hmtoggle_plus1Energy price:
hmtoggle_plus1Evaluation period:
hmtoggle_plus1Factor for repair in % of the investment amount:
hmtoggle_plus1Inflation rate (rate of price increases):
hmtoggle_plus1Interest rate (for investment):
hmtoggle_plus1Fuel rate:
hmtoggle_plus1Pump specific costs (one-time costs in the life cycle) / [...]:
hmtoggle_plus1Pump specific costs (annual costs) / [...]: