Modules for Projects/Quotes

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Modules for Projects/Quotes

Spaix ProjectExporter RTF


The Spaix ProjectExporter RTF is an interface for exporting tender texts and project data to a word processing system (e.g. Microsoft Word) via the RTF format.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix TextExporter


The Spaix TextExporter can be used for exporting the current project with tender texts and prices into the GAEB or DATANORM format.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop






Spaix DeliveryTimeCalculator


This add-on module features the functionality of entering and displaying standard delivery times for products. Each item in the database can be assigned a standard delivery time, with the link created via the item number. In this way, the standard delivery time can be stored for each item that has a price.


The selection program is extended by the display of this standard delivery time in the product selection dialog. The standard delivery time can also be output on the data sheet.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix PricelistHandler


The Spaix PricelistHandler is an additional module for the import and export of price lists as well as the extension of the related permissions.


Price lists are imported and exported as Microsoft Excel files. Via the import, authorized users should be able to update prices for specific price groups. This does not involve creating item records, but only updating prices.



Price export and import in the administrative interface of the Web version

Extension of permissions, including the data maintenance module


Extended permission for price export and import:

The user is only allowed to add prices for selected manufacturers.

The user is only allowed to add prices for selected currencies.

The user is only allowed to add prices for specific price groups.

An update status for each price line is included in the database, along with the information when the last import was done and by whom.


Available for platform(s): Web


Spaix Statistics


The statistic module allows for comprehensive analyses of projects, users and selection processes in the web application. The relevant information for a given reference period can be exported to Microsoft Excel for reporting.


Available for platform(s): Web