Modules for Calculation/Sizing

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Modules for Calculation/Sizing

Spaix PipeCalc


Spaix PipeCalc is a comprehensive module for the duty point determination for centrifugal pumps and the friction loss calculation for unbranched systems. The tool includes the flow calculation, among others, for wastewater and the dewatering from rainfall according to DIN EN 12056, for drinking water according to DIN 1988, as well as for heating systems according to heatable floor space, type of building and temperature difference.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop




Spaix CableSelector


This module allows users to make an extended cable selection for submersible pumps and borehole pumps. The selection is based on cable cross-sections and lengths for the current consumption defined by the operating conditions. The calculation of the permitted cable lengths depends on the drive configuration and nominal voltage.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix ParallelPumping


The Spaix ParallelPumping module enables the calculation of performance curves for similar or different pump types in parallel. The resulting pump performance curves are displayed as reduced curves, i.e. the branch pipe losses are offset against the respective pump curve, while the system curve only shows the losses of the entire line system.


The branch pipe losses can be entered in the hydraulic selection after selecting "Single pumps as parallel circuit" in the Nature of system field under Total flow. The flow is determined on the basis of the intersection of the system curve and the reduced curves, and the head is read off the pump performance curve. For the 2-n pumps, only the reduced curves are displayed.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix SpareSelector


This add-on provides a powerful platform for the search and selection of spare parts, which can be done independently of the product, via the catalog selection, or based on a selected pump or unit. In addition, the program includes the option of direct selection by entering the item number or spare part description.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop




Spaix SidechannelViscosityConverter


This module enables the curve conversion for side channel pumps when pumping high viscous fluids. The calculation is based on the method published by SIHI in the "Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump Installations" (7th Edition, 2003) handbook. In the database, the calculation method is assigned to the hydraulics.


Available for platform(s):Web, Desktop


Spaix MagdriveSizer


The Spaix MagdriveSizer was developed for companies where the selection of magnetic drives is an indispensable part of the product configuration and, at the same time, value is placed on effective data maintenance with a minimum of redundancy.


Apart from the consideration of safety factors depending on the moments of inertia, the extension allows for recording eddy current losses and viscosity losses with separate curves.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix PumpExchanger


This add-on enables the pump exchange by allocation of old pump series (in-house and competitor models) to corresponding current products. Suitable replacement pumps are suggested via the duty point data, and the energy and life cycle costs of old and new pumps are compared.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop




Spaix MotorBrowser


The Spaix MotorBrowser module enables the search and selection of electrical motors as a separate main item, independent of the pump.


Available for platform(s): Desktop




Spaix ConsistencyExtensions


This module enables a given consistency to be stored in the selection program during the hydraulic selection (or when entering the duty point), which can then be used to determine the suitable pumps.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop




Spaix PowerlossCalculator


This add-on module enables the curve correction depending on the installation type. The installation type can have a factor for the efficiency increase or decrease specified in the database. Furthermore, users can define whether power or head curves should be adjusted in order to ensure consistent pump performance curves.


In case of power correction, it is essential to select the installation type before the motor in the configuration order. In the selection program, the resulting curve is displayed as a dashed line, in addition to the original curve.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix TestnormConverter


This module allows for the conversion of the pump performance curves to another acceptance tolerance. In the data maintenance program, users record the acceptance tolerance with which the performance curves were measured. Furthermore, they define the conversion factor for the revaluations of the performance curves per pump model, related to the BEP.


The data maintenance program must also define whether:

H(Q) and eta(Q)


P(Q) and eta(Q)

are to be converted.


In the selection program, the required acceptance tolerance can be selected under Extended view when entering the duty point. If the required acceptance tolerance for the current pump is not defined, the standard acceptance tolerance of the pump will be used. There is no conversion for Q=0; the correction factor increases linearly up to the BEP and remains constant after that.


On data sheets and in texts, the desired/used acceptance tolerance can be output by means of keywords.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop




Spaix VfdAnalyzer


This module calculates the specific energy as a function of frequency when using a variable frequency drive (VFD), and displays it both in tabular form and as a performance curve. This enables an energetically optimized sizing of frequency controllers, especially when it comes to a static head component.


The calculation can consider all relevant influence quantities, including the VFD efficiency, the efficiency reduction for speed conversion and the motor curves.


Available for platform(s): Desktop




Spaix ProductSearcher


This search option enables a product to be located via the item number or product name. Alternatively, the user can search for a product by local item number or EAN.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix HistoricProductSearcher


This module allows the search for historical products by name or item number, with the product properties displayed. In order to define a different status for different markets, products can be marked as a historical product per user group in the database.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix NfpaSizer


This add-on module is used for the sizing of fire-fighting pump systems according to NFPA 20, including:

Verification of NFPA 20 limits during the selection process,

Marking of NFPA 20 specific points in the diagram,

Automatic curve cut according to the runout head,

Motor sizing to cover the curve range up to 1.5 Q.

The functionality has to be activated in the database using the filter function in the area of application.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop


Spaix TurbinePumpSizer


This calculation module considers the pressure losses in the rising pipe as well as the power losses of the bearing frame during the sizing of vertical line shaft pumps, including the drive and the required components.


Available for platform(s): Web, Desktop